Mini Grim Reaper Glitter Trinket Box

grim reaper

Here’s a little creepy guy that would make a great gift, table favor, or party accent. Isn’t making your own Halloween knickknacks the best?

Mini Grim Reaper Glitter Trinket Box

What you need:
– trinket box (I purchase mine at Michaels for $1)
Tulip Black Metallic 3-D Fashion Paint
– Lime green and purple craft paint
Tulip Lime Glitter 3-D Fashion Paint
– Paintbrush
– 1.5″ wooden disk
– tealight candle
– chipboard shape figurine (I also purchased this at Michaels)
– glue gun with glue sticks
– acrylic self stick rhinestones in grey and black
– black sparkly felt
– small piece black cardstock

What you do:
1. Paint entire trinket box lime green. Paint wooden disk Purple Let dry.
2. Squeeze out 3-D glitter paint in lime green onto plate and brush on top of acrylic paint. Let dry.
3. Create stripes along top and sides of lid to box with metallic Fashion Paint. Also make dots in between stripes on side. Let dry. Now dot around the edge of the wooden disk and let dry.
4. Stick a rhinestone between each stripe on top of lid.
5. Cut a piece of felt to fit inside lip of lid. Glue gun in place Also cut a piece of felt to wrap around tealight candle and glue. I actually used an old burnt out candle for this. Yay me for recycling!
6. Glue wooden disk to top of tealight candle.
7. Cut a small triangle and glue to back and base of chipboard shape to create a mini easel. Squeeze small bead of glue on bottom of chipboard shape and easel. Press securely.

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I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Halloween craft! Check back next hour for another spooktastic craft!


Green Slime Lantern

slime green lantern

Look! A little lantern Slimer would be proud of making! This little lantern was made in a flash. Here’s how you do it!

Green Slime Lantern

What you need:
– green paper lantern (I purchased mine at Michaels for a $1)
Tulip 3D Fashion Paint in green of your choice

What you do:
1. Open up your lantern and secure it so that it’s fully open.
2. Shake and squeeze the paint onto a paper plate to get the flow of paint started.
3. Squeeze your paint around the top of the lantern and create a dripping like shape around the entire top of the lantern. Go back and make areas thicker if you deem in necessary.

See, simple and fast. That’s my favorite Halloween craft!

Oh, and don’t forget that you can also use other Tulip 3D Paints on other color lanterns. An yellow lantern with orange dripping paint would shout Halloween or how about a white lantern with red Tulip paint for a spooky casting glow!

In honor of my 24 Halloween crafts in 24 hours, I’m giving away a Swell & Spooktastic Halloween prize pack. Click here to check it out and enter!

Check back next hour for another spooktacular Halloween craft!


This and that


Just wanted to share a couple things tonight. First off, I made this copper and red metallic G for my friend Gloria. I love these paper mache letters. Actually, I really love the giant ones at Joann. I would love to do a whole word project of some kind with these things. I don’t know a person who doesn’t love personalized letters!

g detail

I actually used that plastic/metallic mesh ribbon (the kind you can get at the fabric store fo 20¢ a yard) to create the texture. I actually used Tulip 3-D Fashion Paint for the dots. I’m really happy with how they turned out on this project. What can I say, I like dots! And their easy!

In other news, did I tell you guys that I was on Sister Diane’s Craftypod Podcast? Check it out here. I’m the 3rd of 4th person that talks about why I “Make Things”. You can prob. tell it’s me, cause I’m the only one with a southern accent! Ha ha.

Also, you need to check out my friend Maya’s tie dye video. She has become a real pro with the tie dye! I’m super impressed with her end creation. It makes me want to get some and make a cool t-shirt like she did. Oh, and listen to her as her “Daisy” character. She gives me a little shout out. It made my day today.

Well, gotta get ready for bed! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Until next time Swellions!