Some things I’m loving today…

I wanted to share a couple the fun things I’ve scoped out on the net over the past day or so…beware, these are all very random sides of me. I go from whimsy to kitsch to ultra fab. Can you handle it??

french toast girl
Starting off, found a fun and whimsical painting/life site called French Toast Girl. French Toast Girl is made up of the the art and illustration of √©lena nazzaro and man is she ever talented…I love her little thoughts and lists like this. Her beautiful and simple html design brightens my spirits…she even tells you how to get started on making your own web site. The first thing, though that drew me to her site was this awesome stripey goodness partfait illustration I found on Craftzine’s blog. Everything is just

Check out The Uncool Hunter. OMG! I can’t believe the crazy&wacky&tacky&completely absurd stuff on this site. I totally love it! Just to give you a little taste, here’s some topics I came across while perusing this site…

A miniature horse in shoes dubbed “Reebucks”

Macho Man Randy Savage just might be my new style icon! Look how glam and gawdy in all his neon glory!

Oh, and how can you not like a site that features literacy campaigns featuring Mr. T?

Just a quick FYI, some of the stuff on that uncool site is NSFW, so might be best viewed at home on your own time!

pb teen
And finally, totally diggin’ the looks I’m seeing on Pottery Barn Teen. I love the fresh, bright colors and patterns, especially this zigzag one mixed in with the flowers…


And how cute are these mod dot mirrors?

Oh, and these jewelry stands make my mouth water!

I don’t care that I’m 29. I’d rather shop at Pottery Barn Teen over the regular Pottery Barn anyday!

Hope you enjoyed exploring these fun finds with me. Until tomorrow, Swellions!