A Halloween food flop!

Hello all. THere’s a lot of projects I’ve been doing on here that have turned out pretty successful, but for every successful project, there’s a disastrous one waiting in the wings…case in point, this:

caramel apples

Last year, when I made these apples, I envisioned them to be beautiful and perfect, with colorful sprinkles, nuts, and chocolate chips. I actually envisioned them to look very much like these beauties from Country Living:

caramel apples from country living

You can actually find the recipe for these here

Mine didn’t turn out at all and they embarrassed me at my party. I actually didn’t finish wrapping them with ribbon around the sticks, cause they weren’t the perfect ones that I had hoped for. Well, for starters, I didn’t really follow the recipe they had given and I did it my own way. I dipped them too soon or something. Does anyone have the pointers, cause I sure need some help.

It is nice to know that some people have good results. For example, check these out that Velvet Strawberries made. Her version is just as pretty as the original, if not more (she has a beautiful blog, does she not?)

I’m honestly not a very good 3-dimensional artist other than jewelry work, I always struggled with it in college. I think that I usually pull it together in the end, but it’s not ever exactly what I envisioned it to be. I think that is why I struggle more with the food crafts. Someone told me the crescent roll wrapped mummies that I made for a party a couple of years back were kinda scary and unappetizing. I really did my best. That darn mustard just came out to big for the eyes and details. It messed the whole look up!

What kind of Halloween disasters have you faced? I’d be curious to know.

Until next time Swellions