Small Fry Sewing Circles


Over a year ago, I picked up this vintage sewing circle set from a local thrift store. The colors and graphics inspired me! I wish more kits were made like this today. It is just so adorable.

I’ll prob. just use this more for something to prop up. I did think about making a garland out of the circles. I think that would be pretty sweet! Here’s some cute detail photos of the set πŸ™‚





Until next time Swellions!


Terrorific Tuesday: Vintage-Inspired Halloween Ornaments

vintage-inspired halloween ornaments

Hello happy people (I guess you wouldn’t be so happy if you’re having a bad day, but perk up!). So we are one day away from when I turn the big 3-0. I’m not having that hard of a time with it, but I did get a card from my Aunt Millie the other day and just seeing the letters 3 and 0 in big bold print was a little hard to digest. I’m actually going to be spending tomorrow chilling with my friend Molly whose coming up for a visit. Should be fun. I think she’s going to take me out for my b-day tonight and I’m really wanting BBQ, there’s a great place here in Lex called Billy’s BBQ that I just love. The food there is so yummy!

Anyway, onto my project for the day. I didn’t have a chance to whip something out last night or this past weekend, so you are getting a craft I did a few years ago. It remains prob. one of my top favorite crafts I’ve ever made. I guess I just like their little expressions and I love the idea of having a big black Halloween tree filledwith fun little ornaments with personality like these. I’m going to share the very basics of creating them today. To have to sort the colors out for each exactly is a little daunting of a task that frankly, I just don’t want to do. So use your own discretion and whip up your own in every color of the rainbow!

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Ornaments

– Clear round glass ornaments
– Americana paint in a variety of colors
– Multi-Purpose sealer
– Craft Twinkles paint in a variety of colors
– Glow in the Dark Writer (optional)
– ornament hanger
– ribbon in various colors and textures
– styrofoam plate
– liner brush and flat brush
– paper towels
– plastic disposable drinking cup

1. Bend the ornament cap ends upward and hang ornament on ornament stand over styrofoam plate.
2. In cup mix 2 parts Americana Acrylics with 1 part Multi-Purpose sealer in cup. This will make the paint run easier down the sides of ornament. Pour over ornament, making sure to cover entire ornament. The paint should drip down the sides and create a small dip at the very base of ornament. This is ok. Let dry completely (this could take several hours).
3. Using flat brush and liner brush and desired colors, paint on your face. FYI: Paint pots come in handy in this case, cause you get several colors to use for a lower price. I referred to vintage Halloween faces and made up my own. Let dry.
4. Once dry, take off ornament hanger and use flat brush to brush on a coat of Craft Twinkles. Craft Twinkles and the paint look great together when they are the same coordinating color, but mix it up. The little green goblin of mine was coated with Gold Craft Twinkles. Put back on ornament stand and let dry.
5. Optional step: Fill in teeth and eyes with Glow in the Dark Writer for a fun touch. Let dry.
6. Seal with Multi Purpose sealer and let dry.
7. Bend down ornament ends and add funky ribbon for hanging.

Helpful hint:
When storing, place wax paper around them. I had one of them rip off paint on the side. It actually looked kinda like a scar, so it gave it more character, but in most cases, you don’t want to ruin your ornament this way!

Additional ideas:
– Instead of faces, make polka dot and stripe ornaments
– Hang them from the ceiling or from a chandelier for instant dΓ©cor!
– Place on top of varying height candlesticks for an instant display.
– Create other fun characters like zombies, witches, scarecrows, etc. Further embellish them with other craft supplies like rhinestones, felt, foam, or doll hair.You could even create character ones like the characters from Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, etc.

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Starting next week, I will be compiling some of the best Halloween posts on the web from some of the coolest bloggers and flickerettes out there! Let me know if you’d like to participate. I can’t wait to see what you whip up! Click here for more info!

Until next time Swellions! Hope you have a great afternoon!

Wednesday is Lensday: Changes

I discovered yesterday that my grandmother is moving out of her house that’s she’s lived in forever (ever since I’ve been on earth). She seems ok with the move actually. She realizes she is getting older and needs more assistance than she used to. Also, the upkeep on her place is getting hard for her to do. She recently had to pour a lot of money into a new furnace and air conditioner. And the move will be easier on her and my folks. She’s going to live just below them on their property.

I guess the whole thing about it is that with her changing locations, I realize a lot of things about myself…that I must face the inevitable…death of her, death of my family, death of myself. And that things are changing around me whether I like them or not. Life just evolves like that. I just always liked the feeling I had when I went to her house and enjoyed my memories there. I think it makes me sad to know that a lot of those days are behind me. It’s not to say that good, new memories aren’t ahead of me and that my life, too, will evolve…it’s just hard saying goodbye to phases/things/loved ones and the reality that goes with it.

The last few times I visited her, I took a few pictures here and there of her place. I knew that it was only a matter of time before things would change and I wanted to have those memories documented…here’s just a few of my favorite things from her house that I cherished and loved about it.

faded portraits
Faded portraits on the wall…that’s me on the right and my big brother Charles on the left.

to scale
Here’s the scale in her bathroom. I always liked it even as a kid…prob. cause of the retro graphic.

Here’s her percolater and her stainless steel backsplash.

stained glass panel
Here’s a detail of her Stained Glass window on her front door.

Juicy fruit in junk drawer
Her junk drawer…always with Juicy Fruit waiting just for me and my brother!!

Dog on fence
I always loved that dog on that chain link fence gate.