Putting the pieces together in my living room

I’m making a huge wall art piece out of these $2 tin signs I bought at Michaels.

I don’t feel like I’m making much work progress on my house, especially when people ask me.  Decorating on top of keeping it clean is just too much for me. LOL.  I have never been particularly DIY about home stuff (hanging pictures, shelving, building stuff). So, I always have to rely on William to help me.  If it’s not simple and basic, I usually don’t attempt it, but I’m trying to break through that.

99ยข sign I purchased at a local store called Misc Trading Company.

Here’s a couple prints I picked up at IKEA and Tuesday Morning. 

I have been picking up pieces here and there.  I want to do my living room in all typography!  I guess I must be onto something cause I recently saw Target had a typography home section too.  Anyway, I want to make it cool and not cheesy. Type is very much my thing and I want to embrace it. I think I have what it takes to make it look cool, it’s just taking a while to visualize the setup.  I have a very large living room with a lot of open space.

Here’s a vintage metal O (I think it went with a Chevron sign) that I picked up at here in Fresno. I had it resting next to a mirror and noticed that it looked really cool when you made the middle of the O a mirror. I like it do you?

Picking up lots of letters and numbers in different sizes and shapes as I find them.

Wanted to share with you a few of the type pieces I have picked up and am building upon. Sorry about the picture quality. I only get around to blogging at night.  It’s going to take a while longer, but I guess any home DIY/decorating job doesn’t happen overnight.  I’m just taking it one thing at a time!

A Chanel 5 advertisement I liked mixed in with a car medallion from The Recycling Ethic and a couple of pieces I picked up in Utah during the Snap Conference.

Until next time Swellions!


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In Love with Letters

One of these days I want a house filled with hints of vintage goodness. I love, love, love all things vintage and I would love to have original vintage signage.

Here’s a few that I found inspiring around the internet!
I’ve wanted this ampersand from Urban Outfitters from the first day I laid eyes on it!

This Texas Star decor (found via Country Living) is amazing. I’m not usually a worn out/rust girl, but for this I could def. make exceptions.

And I love huge letters that spell out a phrase like these CUP letters from the Sundance Catalog. So cool.

Well, better hop off to bed. I just took a Zicam. I’m crossing my fingers I don’t wake up sick tomorrow. I did everything I could to fight it today (I had a itchy throat when I woke up). Cross your fingers for me!

Until next time Swellions!