Upcycled Tins w/ Scrapbook paper and Collage Pauge™

upcycled tins with scrapbook paper

I created this crafty project for my office. I was pretty tired of these old tins, so I revamped them with some scrapbook paper and Collage Pauge™. Here’s the tins I started out with!

Tins before

Now, I admit they are pretty cool in a nostalgia way, but I’ve been looking at them for the past 5 years and frankly, I’m bored with them. Decopauging them and giving them a new look was so super easy! I decided I wanted each tin to follow a basic color theme, and then I found papers in my stash that I could use (I have a lot of 79¢ sheets that I bought a few years ago with the intention of using them…if you’re a paper crafter like me, I’m sure you can totally relate!). I then cut the papers into strips with scissors the height of each of the tins. If you are more particular, you may want to cut the strips with a paper trimmer. For some of the strips, I didn’t measure them beforehand, so I cut some off after I decopauged and then folded them over the rim. Here’s a pic in progress!

Collage Pauge strips

I used the sparkly Collage Pauge™ to add a little glitz. You can use a foam brush, but I just spread it with my fingers. The tins will look great in my office once I get it all together! I’m admittedly slow and messy. It’s not easy for me people! Ha ha. My office is going to be a colorful conglomeration of all kinds of bright colors! No rhyme, no reason, just colors and things I like! I’m going to feature in the next couple of weeks a lamp project for my office, and I’ll include a tutorial for that one as well!

Until next time Swellions!