My Snooki Pumpkin went Viral!

snooki pumpkin

Remember my Snooki pumpkin I posted last week? Well, it’s kinda gone crazy like wildfire on the internet this week! It was featured Perez Hilton and a gaggle of other web sites like BuzzFeed, Vulture, Superficial, The Daily, and many more!

My Snooki pumpkin featured on Perez Hilton

Snooki tweeted about my Snooki pumpkin!
Even Snooki herself tweeted about it!

I can’t say I didn’t work to make this happen, I did. You have to tweet at the right people and link it up on the right sites. In my case, Craftzine picked it up via my Blogher blog and they sent it out. From there, it spread all over the internet. It’s kinda like that crazy Kevin Bacon game. One person features it on their site and then another person features it on their site, etc. etc.

Pretty cool, right? Thought I would share.

Until next time Swellions!