Wednesday is Lensday: Snapshots from my Week

Here’s a few quick Hipstamatic iPhoneography photos from my week. Man, I love that app! The button photo above was taken at craft night at my friend Patty’s house. I couldn’t resist!

I’m so emo.

A look into my shower. I swear it isn’t as dirty as the photo makes it look!

Christmas balls reflection while at Sephora in JCPenney.

My bedroom window. I don’t ever really open the shade. Everyone could see in from the courtyard!

At home
Someone around Fresno does all these great painted windows. I think they freehand it. I think it’s a special talent.

My pretty friend @pattiewack
My beautiful friend Pattie a.k.a. Pattiewack.

Iron Bird lights
Lanterns at the Iron Bird Cafe.

And I can’t leave out Pixie!

Until next time Swellions!


Wednesday is Lensday: A study in ORANGE

Orange Study

It’s always fun to do little photographic experiments. Tonight I gathered all things orange and put them on a big orange poster I had. When you look at it, you just see a bunch of similar color items that visually looks nice together, but when you look a bit deeper, you see so much more. It’s a little study into texture, light, form, and abstraction.

Below are a few photos without comment. It was just a little fun photographic investigation to get my Halloween mojo on!

Orange Study 1

Orange Study 3

Orange Study 4

Orange Study 5

Orange Study 7

Orange Study 6

Orange Sparkle

Orange Sparkle Bokeh

The last two photos were of the glitter ball in focus vs. out of focus. I like how both turned out!

What if we looked at everyday objects in this same way instead of glancing over them? I think we would find a lot to discover about our world!

Until next time Swellions!


Wednesday is Lensday: Button Edition

ready for their ring blanks

Thought I’d bring back Wednesday is Lensday and this week is all about buttons! Here’s some photos of random buttons I’ve taken as well as projects I’ve created using buttons. I just love them so much cause they are just so darn colorful and pretty. I love all the shapes and textures. There’s just something so cool about running your hands through a bowl of them in search of the right one! Oh, and by the way, the photo above is button rings I made using the big 1.25″ buttons layered with other buttons.

buttons & bows
This is a button necklace I made for a friend a couple of years back. Love the bow buttons!

button colander
No, my buttons weren’t dirty, I just liked the colors for a photo!

red, black, and blue
Here’s a basic button necklace I made for a craft show.

all earrings, all the time
Buttons and googly eyes, yep this pretty much sums me up.

Woodland art I come
These rings are one of my favorite crafty things to make!

Yep, they make me very happy! How about you? Do you love buttons or is there another crazy craft supply you can’t seem to get enough of?

Until next time Swellions!