I wrecked my journal ALOT this week!

So, this past week, I’ve done a LOT in my Wreck this Journal. I thought I would share! Some of them are posts that I’ve done along with my 365 (both me and Chris are doing this together this week), but they all relate to me doing the art and activities within the book!

Here’s my “Throw Something” page…
Wreck this Journal: Throw Something
I bought this ball after work at Michael’s. It was the only thing I bought. The lady said, “Wow, this is scary. It must be for a little boy.” I just said, “Yeah”. I didn’t think it worth my time to explain the whole process. It would have taken too long and been too confusing. I just took these photos (well, not this one, but the ones below), outside and I got several weird stares from my neighbors. Oh well. I guess I’m known to them as the “weird photo girl”.

Here’s my “Write with a pen in your mouth” post:
wreck this journal: Write with a pen in your mouth
Well, I actually used a marker to write my name and the word swell a couple of times. Oh and I have a little cut there that was further accentuated by pink marker.

Here’s how I “Tied a string and swing wildly”:
Wreck this journal: tie a string; swing wildly
This day I wrecked my journal by tying a string and swinging wildly. It hurt my hand a bit and left the journal a bit scarred, but I actually had fun doing it. I went out in the courtyard area and swung it in the grass and sky. No one really observed it. I’m sure they would have thought I was crazy. I’m ok with crazy though. It hopefully shows that I live life creatively. I like the photos I took. I had to set it on manual focus cause automatic focus couldn’t focus fast enough.

Here are some of my art pages:

Pretend you are doodling on the back of an envelope
WTJ: pretend you are doodling on the back of an envelope

A page for four-letter words
WTJ:  a page for four-letter words
This isn’t as detailed as a lot of the pages I do and there are a lot of things I messed up on, but I still like it and that it has the whole “Lost” theme. I did it while I was watching the Finale. It answered and leaves a LOT of questions!

Write or draw with your left hand
WTJ: Write or draw with your left hand
Shouldn’t it be, draw with the hand you don’t write with? Left handers would have an advantage!

Hope you enjoyed my pages. I’m so tired. I’m going to hit the sack!

Until next time Swellions!


Wrecking my Journal again!

Tonight I wrecked my journal while watching A.I. I started and finished 2 activities.

Admittedly, I enjoy the artistic activities more than the physical (flinging, dropping, etc.). I will have to find a way to document those, but at the moment they aren’t doing anything for me. I just want to draw and doodle.

Anyway, here’s my “Trace your hand” page:

WTJ: trace your hand

I bought some Crayola markers a couple nights ago. I wish I had the Prismacolor kind. That would be an ideal gift. Cough. cough, but the Crayola skinny markers work pretty well. I got a pack of 50, so lotsa color to go around!

Here’s my “Scribble/Write on the Edges” effort. I like the first photo best (more from a photographic standpoint (love the purple and pink reflection!), but I dig the bokeh (those tiny blurred lights in photos..usually created when you see Christmas lights) in the second one.

WTJ: write/scribble on edges 2

WTJ: write/scribble on edges

Have you gotten yours yet? Let me know if you get one!

Until next time Swellions!


Two more pages in my Wreck this Journal!

I finished up my scribbles page tonight (added color in with my new Crayola markers) and whipped out a lines page as well 🙂

WTJ: scribble wildly, violently with reckless abandon

I really like the look of the silver paint pen on this one!!

draw fat lines and thin
I stayed simple with this one and I’m happy with the results!

Have you guys tried this journal out? If not, you should totally purchase one and get inspired!

Until next time Swellions!