How to Make a Mermaid Makeup Bag



Are you loving the mermaid trend right now? From the scales to the dreamy aquatic colors, this look isn’t going away anytime soon. Let me share with you how to DIY this cute makeup bag with supplies you already have in your craft stash.

What you need:
– Cotton canvas clutch (I got mine at JoAnn)
– Fabric paints in light blue, teal, and turquoise
– Dark blue and light blue fabric marker
– Medium-sized stickers
– Painters sponge

This video was created in partnership with Darby Smart. I have a DIY channel on the Darby Smart app, where I share a lot of fun videos like this one. If you love making DIY videos, it has a lot of cool features in the app that make it easy to produce your own (including adding titles, speeding up your video, and adding cute stickers).

Anyway, back to the project! For this project follow these simple steps:

1. Use sponge to blend fabric paint colors together. I blended them together so it was a subtle shift between colors. Let dry completely.

2. Use your light blue fabric marker to draw on scallop/scale designs over the fabric paint.

3. Lay down the letter stickers to spell out the word MERMAID, then trace with the dark blue fabric marker. Peel up stickers and add any definition to the letters that you’d like.

4. Draw on the word “gang” or if you’d rather – “vibes”. You can also do this part with stickers if you don’t feel confident with your handwriting.

You could easily add some sparkle with some glitter fabric spray or regular glue and glitter brushed on to add some sparkly details.

That’s it, now you have a super cute mermaid bag to stash all your lippies and makeup supplies.