Dexter’s DinnerTime Routine

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After a long work day, it’s always a welcome surprise to find my tabby cat, Dexter, meowing at me as soon as I walk in the door. I would like to think he’s saying, “Hey Mom! I missed you and my day was boring without you,” but I always know he has a hidden agenda, and I’m guessing you’ve already figured it out: F-O-O-D! Yep, this cat has a one-track mind.

William and I don’t immediately give into these hungry cries. See, Dexter is the most playful and cuddly right before he’s fed, so we like to take full advantage of these sweet moments. It’s the only time he purrs and actually lets us hold him.

Before feeding time, we like to break out the cat toys, and of course, the beloved laser pointer. Dexter LOVES chasing the big red dot. He scales the walls, runs in circles, and knocks the covers off the bed playing with that thing; he’s obsessed.

Alexa 2Just look at that intensity! MUST. CATCH. RED. DOT.

Alexa 3Next up is some cuddles with Dad. There’s even a neck and ear massage. Wow, this is the life.

Alexa 4(10 seconds later) This ear rub is wearing out its welcome. I think this little guy has waited long enough for his evening meal.

Alexa 5
William starts rustling the  Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend bag and Dexter, immediately intrigued, comes to investigate.

Alexa 6
It was in this moment that he started purring REALLY loudly.  Dexter’s doesn’t purr very often, so this is kind of a big deal.

Alexa 7
Dexter ate a little handful out of William’s hand and Dexter devoured the crunchy pieces. It was such a sweet moment and so loving. They’ve always had such a strong bond. I know that William is Dexter’s person. I love watching them together.
Alexa 8
After William’s handful was done, Dexter decided he needed more. He even pushed over the bag with his paw. This cat knows what he likes!
Alexa 9
Of course, I poured my little guy some more of the Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend.  He immediately smelled the aroma and rushed over to munch down the meaty and tender pieces.  This food is loaded with protein, with chicken being the main ingredient. It also has Vitamin A and omega fatty acids to help his skin and coat and to promote healthy vision. Last year, Dexter had some kidney issues, so I was very relieved there are probiotics in this formula that are beneficial for his digestive tract. It’s important to us that he’s getting the best quality food!

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After Dexter chowed down, he took time to enjoy a sunset in the windowsill. What’s better than checking out all the activity going on outdoors? This guy sure knows how to unwind after a meal.

If you’re looking for a new nutritious and tasty meal for your cat, do me a favor and click here to learn more about Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend.  Now that I’ve seen Dexter’s response to it, I know I’ll be making it my new cat food choice and part of both his morning and evening routines.

Until next time, Swellions,
Alexa (and Dexter)

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